Alpargatas de lujo personalizadas

Desde 2021 la diseñadora Patricia Rosales trabaja en exclusiva para STARLEI diseñando y supervisando la fabricación de cada una de las piezas que salen del taller ubicado en Almería. Su know how en calzado exclusivo a medida hace que sus alpargatas de lujo sean muy cómodas y confortables gracias a una fabricación artesanal y el cosido tradicional a mano. Patricia ayuda a cada una de sus clientas para adaptar el calzado a sus necesidades según el tipo de pie además de asesorar en la elección del calzado perfecto.



HAUTE COUTURE. Made to Measure.


THE HAUTE COUTURE OFFERING gives Patricia Rosales’ most exclusive clients the opportunity to create their very own signature style.

Working one-one-one with the designer and with materials she has pre-selected, each woman is given the chance to express her true identity through the creation of making her very own fantasy shoe.

Rosales shows her clients a variety of different materials from animal skins, to exotic feathers and precious stones and then begins to design her client’s customized shoe by computer allowing her to see exactly what the finished product will look like.

Each woman is deeply involved in the process.  She not only chooses her very own combination of materials but also decides what kind of heel or form the shoe will have.

Coming to my atelier to custom design a shoe, sitting down with me to select materials and perhaps having a glass of champagne is an experience to delight all five senses.  My clients leave having fulfilled a dream, says Rosales.


The latest advances in shoe customization technology are used for creating a personalized fit unsurpassed in comfort and quality.  After measuring and taking an imprint of each client’s foot, a digitalized 3D scan is taken for casting a unique and individual shoe mold.

THE INSPIRATION high drama for a jewel of a shoe

Patricia Rosales believes that a woman’s shoes not her eyes are the windows to her soul, and for this very reason she wanted to design shoes as authentic and unique as every woman who wears them.

Driven by her very own passion for shoes Rosales was inspired to create a collection based on the idea of combining the rich detail found in haute couture with the beauty of fine jewelry design to create a new magnificent and unmatched style in the arena of feminine and glamorous shoes.

EXQUISITE FABRICATION old world details applied in a modern way

Rosales started designing shoes on her computer but quickly longed to understand the technical aspect of fabrication.  She decided to seek out some of the best artisans in Spain to learn how to make shoes by hand.  Learning this ancient craft inspired her to keep refining her technique until finally defining her very own style essence-the creation of handmade jewel-like luxury shoes.


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